The Fokker T-2


Fokker T-2

Fokker T-2

Lieutenants Macready and Kelly

1 O'Clock
Note: Engine on Right Side (offcenter)

10 O'Clock

11 O'Clock
Note: Open Cockpit beside engine

Venturi Installation


Forward Fuselage

Note: Control Lines

Lower Fuselage
Note: Control Lines

12 O'Clock
Note: Off-Center Prop Shaft

Lower Cowl

Note: Pitot Boom


The Liberty Engine


The Fokker T-2 transport shown above was one of two Fokker F-IV's purchased by the USAS. This particular aircraft completed the first non-stop transcontinental flight piloted by Lieutenants John A. Macready and Oakley G. Kelly. It Departed Roosevelt Field, Long Island grossly overloaded with 780 gals of fuel and arrived at Rockwell Field California 26 hours 50 minutes later. It flew the 2,520 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific at an average speed of 94 mph.


Wingspan:                              71 ft 5 in
Length:                                49 ft 1 in

Gross Weight:                           10,750 lb
Overloaded Weight (transcontinental):   10,850 lb

Powerplant:                  Liberty 12A (420 hp)

Seats (normal configuration)      8-10 passengers

Top Speed:                                 95 mph

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