The Caudron G.3


Caudron G.3

Caudron G.3 Training Airplane

Mrs Bolland (pilot) and Mrs. Louise Favier

Caudron G.3 Fuselage

Caudron G.3 Gear Detail

Caudron G.3 Wing

Caudron G.3 in Flight

Caudron G.3 in Flight

LeRhone 9 - Front of case removed

Caudron G.3 - 10 O'Clock

Caudron G.3 - 3 View
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The Caudron G.3 first flew in 1914 serving as an observation aircraft. It had above average climbing ability and was considered suitable for use in mountainous terrain. As the progressed the type was retired from front line service and used extensively as a training aircraft. The USAS procured 192 of them for use as trainers. The first 126 were purchased with Le Rhone 9C engines in November of 1917. The Remaining 66 were delivered with Anzani 10 engines beginning in April 1918.


Wingspan:                        43 ft 11 in
Length:                           21 ft 0 in
Gross Weight:                        1612 lb

Powerplant:                    Gnome (80 hp)
Alternate Powerplant:     LeRhone 9C (80 hp)
Alternate Powerplant:      Anzani 10 (90 hp)

Top Speed:    68 mph (80 hp)/ 70 mph (90 hp)

Ceiling:                           10,000 ft

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